New Technology To Help You Do Your Research Faster

The Neurocience Research Accelerator, makes new EEG processing technology available to all. First and foremost is the new and improved automatic EEG data cleaning algorithm developed by Applied Brain and Vision Sciences. Join our linked in group to participate in discussion with like minded individuals and get regular updates regarding our research and software development: linkedin:

Access To Promising EEG Biomarker Algorithms

Markers for neurodegenerative diseases and mental illness are now being investigated worldwide. The best way to validate these methods is by analyzing data from many different sources both from clinical and normal populations. The problem is, single researcher often struggle to find the resources to complete this lengthy and often expensive process alone. That is where the NeuroScienceAccelerator steps in. We propose a system whereby researchers who identify a biomarker for a particular disease can upload an algorithm to the data portal. Soon after, researchers who have data, can test out the algorithms, contributing their reliability. The NeuroScienceAccelerator project is a mutually beneficial system that will help make research more affordable and will lead to an increased rate of discovery.

Advancing Neuroscience

The neuroscience research accelerator project is a new approach to address the big brain function, disease, and mental illness questions of our time. By working together, engineers, researchers and clinicians around the world can work together toward revolutionary scientific discoveries particularly in early, noninvasive neurodegenerative disease detection.

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